A peasant has to wal four or five kilometers for water, and a man who has water in his house, finds no reason to go out on a walk. Every reality has its bright side and its dark side.

Every living creature, according to its nature, has a real space to occupy, all componentes are united and balanced. When we go beyond our limits, we break this balance and w disrupt the universal order of things.

Man is hapy when he respectfully directs his will towards existence. This task is carried out here and now with clear and specific actions. the close relationship of the peasant with the results of his labor is organic and spontaneous and its strengthemes the bond between natural materials and man.

I donĀ“t have a romantic idea of harmony. Mine is a harsher view, where the acceptance of life includes beauty and ferocity; and both test us day after day.

The capacity of simplifying daily existence and of interpreting its pace, not as a measure of time but rather as a way of existing on the earth.