I can spend hours observing everything thta happens around me and discover life refealing itself al every square meter in the world. for whole afternoons I waste time watching the movement of trees, and in so doing I feel I spare time. Its hard for me to think in terms of what actually happens instead of dreaming of what should happen, but I accept all forms of existence just as the appear.

I learn things very slowly. I fell ther is no center because there is neither a shape nor a figure. There ir only a superior order of an unverifialbe nature where man sees diverse interpretations and possibilites. Faith is surrendering to that order. I donĀ“t focus on a particular image or concept of God. Yet, faced with happines or fright, I commend myself to him and trust.

I fell that the spiritual quest is to assume responsibilities with existence. It is something personal and requieres utter freedeom. When society and religion impose the ways, they block the ways. Thought requires flexibility and pause. When there is no place for meditation on ones own direction, nothing is explores and nothing is revealed.

Where there is no silence or stillness, the encounter with ourselves is delayed and this drive us away from the sacred purpose of discovering our real being and making room to live the experience.