the andean people

The people of the Andes do not walk apprehensively - they do so to the heartbeat of the earth.

Their attention is focused on looking at life with absolute clarity and they understanding the naturalness of death.

It makes me sad to find evangelists and so-called experts in civilization in these rural arcas, insisting in suffocating the very nature of these traditional communities. No formal system of education can ever be a substitute for the companionship which these people fell with Mother Earth, an alliance with their roots which marks a starting point for Humanity to evolve towards healthier times.

Our bureaucratic mentality has supplied us with an inbred lack of natural values, a lack of intimacy between the human being and the land. W need to recover our respect for the old values, the calm of the shepherds who walk the hills, with their worn out shoes, their torn but with their souls as full as a temple.

I feel that simplicity is a virtue. In silence, the spirit attains the highest levels of art.