Lucio Boschi was born in 1966, in Argentina, where lives and works.

He is the author of eight books: Señores de la Tierra (Lords of the Earth) (1996), Pueblos de los Andes (Andes’ People) (2000), Danza Callada (Silent Dance) (2002), Quebrada de Humahuaca (Humahuaca Gorge) (2003), Una Argentina (One Argentina) (2005), Un Mismo Rezo (One same Prayer) (2007), Ranchos (Huts) (2010), La Celebración (The Celebration) (2016).

His work is part of: The U.C.L.A Anthropology Research Department; The Massachusetts Institute of Technology; The New Mexico State University Sociology and Anthropology Department; The Andean Research Institute; The Art Institute of Chicago; Universita Di Roma, La Sapienza; The United Nations, ILO, the Buenos Aires Ethnographic Museum, the Tilcara Anthropology Museum - Jujuy; the Buenos Aires University; the National Fine Arts Museum; the Smithsonian Institute.

When he was young, Lucio Boschi set off to travel through Argentina and then the world. At the age of 24 he had already visited the five continents extensively.

His work started to draw the artistic and academic world’s attention and thus he decided to self-teach him so as to register what he saw and how he felt among the communities.

His story is that of a travelling photographer that drove his van making a round Patagonia-Alaska trip. He lived with the Eskimo communities in the North of Canada and the nomad tribes from Siberia, Mongolia and Bhutan. He spent a long time in India and in the Himalayas taking photographs of the Tibetans in exile.

In 1998 he focused on his own homeland and he settled with a community of natives from the Andes. He then lived in the mountains as an ascetic renouncing to all material comforts and thus leading a life of austere self-discipline for years.

He jointly worked with the ILO to create the first image bank about child labor in Argentina. He presented documentaries in the Malba and his book about prayers at the Aperture Foundation in New York.

Between the years 2010 and 2013, he worked in the construction of Museo en los cerros museum belonging to the Huichaira community, in the North of Argentina.

His work were exhibited in the National Fine Arts Museum- Buenos Aires, in the United Nations, New York and at the Vatican in Roma.

Currently he is working on a series of exhibitions to present his  book: "The Celebration".

Individual Exhibitions:

  • 2013 - Covington Center, RU, Virginia, USA.
  • 2013 - National Museum of Decorative Arts, Argentina.
  • 2012 - Galerie Chateu des Alpilles, France.
  • 2011 - Museo Nazionalle della Fotografia, Brescia, Italy.
  • 2009 - Terry Tilcara Museum, Jujuy, Argentina. 
  • 2008 - Aperture Foundation New York.
  • 2006 - Rosenberg+Kaufman Fine Art, New York, USA.
  • 2006 - Galerie Flak, Paris, France. 
  • 2005 - National Fine Arts Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
  • 2004 - Galerie Flak, Paris, France. 
  • 2004 - Rosenberg+Kaufman Fine Art, New York, USA.  
  • 2002 - Tilcara Archeological Museum, Jujuy, Argentina. 
  • 1998 - National Museum of Decorative Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
  • 1997 - National Museum of Decorative Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • 1997 - Universita di Roma, La Sapienza, Rome, Italy. 
  • 1996 - Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina.